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A band is a group of individual musicians who create music together. If you were to say the word band to most people then they would more than likely have an image of a band in the modern sense of the word in their head, which is a drummer, bassist and guitarist, usually accompanied by vocals. The drummer is responsible for creating the beat and works closely with the bassist to create the rhythm section which can be viewed as a foundation for the music. The guitarist will then play riffs, various chord progressions and lead lines over this, although the guitar can often be used in a rhythmic as well as lead role. However this is a very simplified explanation there are endless variations on types of bands (for example there are brass bands, swings bands, steel bands and so forth), the type of instruments and the roles that they play within the piece of music.

It is a popular pastime for people to go and watch live music played by bands in a variety of different venues, from small pubs to large sports stadiums which will often host shows by large bands and there are enthusiasts for every type of music. It is also common practice for bands to record their music, allowing people to enjoy music in their own homes.